The Club

York City Rowing Club is a large, successful and friendly rowing club based in the centre of York. The Club boasts over 200 members of all abilities, from beginners through to elite rowing champions. Our ranks include rowers of all ages, from teenagers to those in their 80s. Our rowing, based on solid training and informed by a network of coaches, has met with a string of successes in recent years, including a Henley win in 2007. The clubhouse is situated on a superb stretch of water, well over 20 miles in length, and our fine fleet of boats includes many under three years old. We are an active club both on and off the water, and we welcome new members, whatever their experience.

The first regatta was held in October 1843 with informal racing also being held on 1st August 1846. The first official regatta was held 30th September 1865 for "Racing and Swimming" with the course being as before from Marygate Landing to a boat moored below Ouse bridge which was rounded by the boats and swimmers and then raced back to the finish. in 1900, the White Rose and the York Amateur Rowing Clubs joined forces and moved to the present site, using the building at the time for changing. A new timber boathouse was built in between the existing building and the river. Between the existing building and the new boathouse, a small building was created to house the bar, one shower (cold water only!) and room to store a few crates and a barrel of beer for regattas!