Welcome to the Junior Squad at York City Rowing Club

York City Rowing Club Juniors are aged from 12 – 18, and are an extremely successful YCRC Squad. York City Juniors have represented Great Britain in the Coupe de la Jeunesse, and England in the Home International Regatta.

Charlie MacMahon - Home Nations 2016
Charlie MacMahon – represented England at the Home International Regatta 2016

But we don’t just row to win – although of course we do a lot of winning! We also row for fun, for fitness, and to make friends. We have training sessions available     5 days of the week for our younger athletes and 6 for the older ones. Because our coaches are all volunteers, giving up their free time to help you, we expect you listen to them, to work hard and support your crewmates and Squad.

If you join us, first you’ll learn to scull (with two oars) and then when you’re old enough you’ll also learn to sweep row (with one oar each). You might also be asked to cox; steering a boat and giving commands. Even our youngest rowers should get a chance to row in races against their peers from around the region, within a year.

And it’s not just about you – it’s about your family as well. Whenever they can, parents and families of Juniors help with coaching, organising events, baking cakes (very necessary!), cheering us on at races, and help out in lots and lots of other ways as well.

So if you’d like to try rowing with the YCRC Junior Squad…

Please ask your parent or carer to contact the J13 and Beginners Coordinator, Nick Hazel, on juniorcoordinator@ycrc.co.uk ; please use the same address even if you can already row and are moving into the area. Starting in the summer, Nick will tell you more about our club and rowing and will arrange for you to come down to the river and have a go! If you are 11 or younger, or only just 12 you may have to wait until you are older, but we do keep a contact list so its worth sending an email.

Lucy Edmonds, Silver Medalist for Great Britain at the Coupe del la Jeunesse 2016
(Left) Lucy Edmunds, Silver Medallist for Great Britain at the Coupe de la Jeunesse 2016
YCRC Juniors at Henley Royal Regatta
YCRC Juniors at Henley Royal Regatta