Bradford Sprint Regatta 2018

Bradford Sprint Regatta lived up to its reputation last weekend as a fabulous 600m splash and dash in the glorious summer weather. YCRC sent a large squad to this ever-popular event on the 30th June, and they brought home just a few pots…

From the senior squads, Jez continued his winning ways in the 1x Band 1 final, the men’s quad only just beaten to the win in their final. On the women’s side, the W2x  and W4x put up strong fights in their respective events, but missed out on pots.

The junior squads brought home a boggling 20 wins in open and junior events: J13 1x, 2x, 4x+; WJ13 1x Band 1, & 2x; J14 1x Band 1 &2, 4x+; WJ14 1x Band 1, 2x, & 4x+; J15 2x Band 1; WJ15 1x and 4x+; WJ16 1x & 2x; WJ18 2x; and W4x-, W4x+, and 2x in the open events.

Fantastic racing by all especially the juniors who continue to show such strength and depth across the age ranges – thanks to Paul and Mandy for trailering!


W4x- at Bradford Sprint Regatta 2018. Photo: H. Read.


Jez, winner of 1x Band 1 at Bradford Spring Regatta 2018. Photo: C. Barker