Kit Ordering Window Now Open

Need some new YCRC kit? Our suppliers Godfrey opened a kit window for club kit on Monday, 24th September and it will remain open until 12th October.

Whilst you’re able to buy YCRC kit from Godfrey all year round, buying kit in these windows reduces delivery costs and can reduce the overall price if a number of people buy the same item.

It works like this:

Go onto the Godfrey website and find the YCRC page or follow this link

Order your kit before the window closes and you will be quoted a price that is the most you will pay.

When the window closes, Godfrey will look at the order numbers and reduce the price accordingly.

All the kit is then sent to Liz Porte who will arrange for you to collect it, usually about 3 – 4 weeks after the window closes. Godfrey have guaranteed to get the kit to her before the York Small Boats Head, so you’ll be ready to race!

If you have any remaining questions, just drop Liz an email –