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Training while the club is closed is hard. The uncertainty and changing advice makes continuing to train both a physical and mental challenge – perhaps the toughest you’ve faced yet. If you’re feeling isolated please know you are not the only one and the purple army are right here with you in spirit.

The advice regarding what we can and can’t do outside is likely to change regularly over the coming weeks. Therefore the below focuses on training that can be done in your own home using little or no equipment.

A top tip is to write yourself a training programme for 7 or 14 days and pin it up somewhere visible. Include what you will do and the time of day (Morning/Lunch/Evening). Tick off each session once completed. This can settle you into a routine and saves wondering what to do each day.

There is a whole host of information and free resources out there which is great but the choice can feel overwhelming. The below has been suggested by your fellow club members as particularly suitable for rowers:-

York City – Attention – Go:-

Core & Yoga

There’s a whole host of free yoga videos to tap into but the YCRC favourite is Yoga with Adriene. Visit her YouTube channel HERE for a wide choice of videos from 5 to 45 minutes. Some suitable for beginners and some for “risk takers” (move furniture well out of the way!). An easy entry point is the 30 days of home yoga  https://yogawithadriene.com/home-30-days-of-yoga/

The women’s squad Static & Dynamic Core exercises should be done for 30-45 secs each for 1-4 repetitions. If you are confused as to what on earth a ‘dead bug’ can be please do contact a member of the women’s squad.

For a challenging session try following along to this 15min Pro Asymmetic Core Video  

Our club secretary recommends the following short set of exercises which cover a range of muscle groups. This is not recommended for juniors however. Arms & Core


Vary with weights if you have your own set and remember to warm up and stretch after. If these are new to you start with one rep only and then build up. Stay injury free!

Thanks to Mark Partridge for the below circuit. Developed by a gold award rowing coach and used by many successful international athletes:-

1 min running on the spot
Russian Jumps (Split Jumps) 20
Press ups 10
Sit ups 20
Burpees 10
Squat jumps 20
Burpee jumps 10
Twisting sit ups 20
Dorsal rise 10
Lunge 20 (10 each leg)
Repeat x 3 – Full intensity – no breaks. Ramp up to 6 reps if you’re super keen / mad.

Women’s Squad current circuit programme is here Womens Squad Circuits and can be done using little space and no equipment apart from a timing device. If you are unfamiliar with an exercise ask a women’s squad member or substitute with one of your favourites. Try 30-45 secs of each exercise and 2 to 4 rounds.

Four lots of suggested circuits are here from junior coach Jamie. We know how strong the junior squad is so these are worth trying whatever your age  Weights at Home     Speed Circuit        Endurance body circuit        Body Weight circuit

A personal favourite is the below cycle. Nice and simple – again to be done with full intensity (no breaks) and will take 20-30mins for 3x reps.

UPDATE – Les Mills have taken down the previous free videos but replaced them with some here (scroll down the page) which include a lot of short workouts for a quick session or to mix up with some other training. Generally no equipment is required. These are really good to help vary your training if you’re getting bored of the same routines  https://watch.lesmillsondemand.com/free-content


But I don’t have an erg…….… fear not you can still experience the pain!

A good substitute for erg rowing is standing sculling,…..
Stand in a box and complete the sculling movement… good for balance and controlling leg drive. 1 or 2 minute pieces will again provide good interval training without equipment.

252 strokes is 2k (fast as you can will probably equate to about 36s/m) and is not for the faint hearted !

Something like this yes….

For those with an ergo or a box Jamie has kindly put the attached programme together for varied and useful workouts Ergos during Covid19


Warming up & Cooling down is very important even for a home workout. Don’t miss this out!

A great video from BR showing a dynamic stretching regime can be found HERE (scroll down the page) which can be used for warming up and cooling down.

Many of you will have your own stretching routines but the YCRC Women’s Squad Stretching is a simple guide to follow if needed. Despite the name I believe men can achieve these stretches too with practice!

Group Activities

If you want a Zoom video circuits session, feel free to join the club circuits party every Thursday evening at 6.30pm. Contact Helen Thornton womenscaptain@ycrc.co.uk to get an invitation! All welcome.

If you fancy arranging any group activities or challenges (within boundaries of what is possible!) please contact a member of the committee to help get things organised and spread the word.

Any more suggestions or links to add to the website piece please email regattateam@ycrc.co.uk Thanks to all who have contributed and do share what you’re up to with the club.

And Finally…….

British Rowing’s Go Row Indoor newsletter will become a weekly publication, offering you workout videos and fitness tips for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Regardless of whether you can currently access a rowing machine, there will be something for everyone! Sign Up Here

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