Volunteers of the Year 2017 – Kathy and Martin Pickard

Clubs across the country know that their operation and events are only possible through the commitment of an army of volunteers who give their time and expertise to ensure that others enjoy rowing. In recognition of the vital contributions made by our volunteers, the YCRC committee have established a  ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, and were delighted to award the inaugural award to Kathy and Martin Pickard at the conclusion of the 2017 York Small Boats Head last weekend.

Kathy and Martin may not be active rowers, but without fail give up their time to help out at every event at YCRC, usually on the start or finish where their experience is always key.

Kathy (nee Birch) was one of the first lady members at YRCR in the 1960s. She was Ladies Captain and a member of the division-winning crew at the Womens Head in 1970. Martin, ex St Peters, also joined in the 1960s and was captain of the club from approx 1967. During his captaincy he was in a very successful 4+ that won the coveted Londesborough Trophy at the Summer Regatta for the first time since 1935. They met at the club, like a lot of other couples here today, but apparently took some persuading by other members before they got together!

A big thank you and congratulations to Kathy & Martin – very deserving winners of the new award!

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